About Us

North Coast Community Consultants (NC3) is a collaboration of veteran community development and affordable housing development experts. Between them, the principals Rick Ballard and Julie Hales-Smith have decades of practical, down-to-earth experience partnering with nonprofits and local units of government to revitalize neighborhoods and develop housing. They have helped communities craft strategies, implement plans, and put project management systems in place to assure compliance and monitor and report on program implementation. In addition, the principals at NC3 have developed relationships with experts in complementary fields, so that NC3 can assemble a comprehensive panel of consultants that can provide efficient and effective support specific to your requirements.

The work of the principals of NC3 is grounded in a focus on:

  • Comprehensive community development strategies;
  • Implementation of technology-based tools for program planning and implementation;
  • Place-based strategies that connect households and neighborhoods through the built environment;
  • Protection of historic resources;
  • Empowerment of residents to manage their neighborhoods;
  • Market-driven revitalization efforts connected to the community’s employment, commercial and recreational and cultural assets; and
  • Collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries to build coalitions and increase program efficiency.

But, in a time of increasing austerity for housing and community development programs, state and local offices often find themselves stretched too thin to lead their communities through planning efforts, conduct strategic analysis, or  respond quickly and effectively to short-term projects.  NC3 can provide a team that will expand capacity to get staff “over the hump” and performing at a higher level.

Additionally, as state and local governments have added to their stable of partner developers to increase their capacity to ensure timely implementation of projects, they have found that these new developers have limited federal programs experience to support their development and rehab capacity.  NC3 can support efforts to bring them up-to-speed on compliance, reporting, and record-keeping requirements.

Bring your ideas, issues, and possibilities to NC3 and we will listen, analyze, and craft a scope of services to meet your needs.